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10/04/17 Update

Dear Tourism Partners:


As we turn our efforts from relief to recovery, I ask for your assistance in helping the Department of Tourism complete a full assessment of our tourism product in order to develop the appropriate messaging to share with our off-island travel partners and the media.


I urge you to complete a brief online survey using the tourism partner update forms on this page to update us on your property’s damage, current operational status, availability of power and water, and readiness to accommodate visitors—both vacationers and relief workers—in the weeks and months ahead. Your information is critical and time sensitive as we prepare to meet with our cruise and airline partners, address the media and attend upcoming travel trade events. Completing the survey will take just a few minutes and will allow us to assess the status of our overall product and provide specific information to our travel partners and media who are eager for updates. Thank you for your continued cooperation as we work together to rebuild our destination and mobilize the USVI economy.